Water Symbol Book

Compilation of multiple compositions and design exercises based on the design of a graphic symbol.

This book is a compilation of different graphic design exercises created after the design of a symbol. The design of this symbol had to convey a given word, "water", and a personal concept associated from that same word, in this case "return". Personally the word water makes me think to be in constant movement, change and progression. The sensation of touching water or being submerged in it, brings me back to an ethereal state of mind where I'm able to return to the simplicity of being at the present moment, and be oblivious of the demands of modern society. The previous description/thought had to be linked to every single material used, compositions, textures and colors, without falling into the obvious. 
After achieving the design of the symbol, the next step was to design multiple compositions with the principles of scale, movement, direction and repetition. The interaction between negative and positive space was key to achieve simple and beautiful compositions. Following the composition exercises, we had to choose a color palette that would be reflected on the paper material, the binding and the compositions. The exercises of diecut and embossing of the symbol were included as exlplorations of graphic design techniques. An illustration was included as well to convey graphically the initial thought/mood, with the purpose of giving a further explanation to the book audience. The last page contains a pocket with a small booklet where people will be able to see the whole design process of the symbol. To conclude the exercise, the japanese binding technique was explored to unite all the different pieces.
This was an incredible exercise to learn to design a graphic symbol, apply the main principles to create graphic compositions, explore graphic techinques with textures and materials, and finally to learn a basic binding techinique.  
Graphic Symbol
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