The Cow Study

Animation based on Theo Van Doesburg's study of abstract composition through the observation of a cow.

Theo Van Doesburg
Study for Composition (The Cow)
This was a student motion graphics project. The assignment was to choose an artist from the MOMA exhibition, "Inventing Abstraction 1920 - 1925", and create a motion piece that would best convey the ideals of the artist when creating an especific art piece. The artist that I chose was Theo Van Doesburg, a rationalist dutch artist who was detemingly opposed to the expressionist aesthetic in art and architecture. The piece that I chose among his work displayed at the exhibition, Study for Composition (The Cow), reflects his whole rationale of evolving copied organic forms from nature to abstract and geometric compositions. Personally I thought this was the most captivating piece, since it shows his process of thought. I respected the sequence of his compositions to create a linear visual narrative that would show his progression as an artist. 
Picture of the Original Paint
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