Learning: A Typographic Experimentation of Meaning

a typographic exercise of construction and deconstruction of meaning in paper

This exercise was mainly a typographic experimentation of meaning. The goal was to choose one chapter of John Thackara's book, "In the Bubble", then select 5 words and 3 aphorisms within that chapter. We had to build an expressive typographic composition for each chosen word, aphorism and chapter name, which means 9 compositions in total. The medium in which the compositions were built, and then displayed, was free for to the student to choose. 
The chapter I chose was "Learning", and decided to create compositions where I was able to explore meaning through the construction and deconstruction of elements in one specific material. The reason for doing this was to convey in this exercise my personal experience of learning: I need to deconstruct and then construct what I'm learning about, for me to fully understand its nature. In this case I used paper to build three-dimensional structures to create each composition, and then photographed them to convert them into a digital media; some of them were altered and have bidimensional elements added to composition through the technique of montage. The materials and components used to create these compositions were light, paper, glue and ink. Some of the compositions are made out of a string of paper, others by volumes, and some others by flat pieces of paper. It was an interesting exercise for me to do things differently, and to compose bidimensional pieces in a three dimensional space; most of the times this process happens in the opposite way.
My main idea was to create photography pieces, to be displayed as a set, so I would be able to show my thought process, and the underlying theme when displayed together. I also built its own packaging with the same theme.
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