7 Rules in 7 Weeks (Self Study)

A poster sequence constructing & deconstructing behavior

A poster sequence constructing & deconstructing behavior. The duplicator machine was used as a printing exploration process. 
Rule 1. Illustrate a personal behavior using portrayal, metaphor, or exaggeration. 
Rule 2. Consider a consequence.
Rule 3. Flip the consequence (negative to positive; or vice-versa).
Rule 4. Create a response to the consecuence: Deconstructing my emotions in a playful way
Rule 5. Create space. Omit something.
Rule 6. Assuming the conditions that cause this behavior change, how might you play the game differently? — Keeping calm and carrying on
Rule 7. The final rule comes from a peer in your group: Breaking the mold
Final animated gif to see my process
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